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As an essential site for communication academics, students, researchers and practitioners, the Arena is updated on a monthly basis to bring you the latest news, special offers, sample articles, calls for papers, conference information and plenty more, so look no further.


Call for Papers

Visual Communication Quarterly

Visual Communication Quarterly is currently accepting manuscript submissions for a special issue “When Images Cause Troubles: Visual Communication, Controversy, and Critical Engagement,” guest edited by Kelly Norris Martin and Jonathan Schroeder.

South Asian Popular Culture

2013 marks ten years of publication of South Asian Popular Culture. The journal invites you to submit your papers on areas including: South Asian Cinemas: Bollywood and Beyond, Photography, New Media and Digital Humanities.

Mass Communication and Society Special Issue Call for Papers

Mass Communication and Society is currently receiving manuscripts for manuscript submissions for a “The Future of Mass Communication Theory and Research in a Changing Communication Environment” guest edited by L. W. Jeffres.

NCA at 100: The Microhistories

To mark the centenary of the National Communication Association, papers are invited for this forthcoming special issue of The Review of Communication which deploy the histories of specific sub-fields, interest groups, caucuses, persons, theories, and associations to engage questions relevant to the present and future of communication studies.

Biological/Physiological Approaches to Communication

Communication Monographs invites submissions for a special issue focused on biological/physiological approaches to communication. The special issue will feature reports of empirical research linking communicative behaviors to biological traits and/or physiological processes or outcomes.

First Amendment Studies

First Amendment Studies (formerly Free Speech Yearbook) is accepting manuscripts that address any and all matters pertaining to free speech and the First Amendment.

Communication Monographs Editorial Call

Published on behalf of the National Communication Association, Communication Monographs will be edited by Kory Floyd from 2014. Read Professor Floyd’s Editorial Call.

Awards and Honors

Translation Review is the winner of the 2013 CEJL Council of Editors of Learned Journals Phoenix Award for Significant Editorial Achievement.

ICA Prize-winning Article

Congratulations to Seth C. Lewis whose Information, Communication & Society paper, ‘The Tension Between Professional Control and Open Participation’, won the International Communication Association Article of the Year in Journalism Studies. Read the paper for free. Follow iCS on Twitter @iCSjournal.

Special Issues

Information, Communication & Society,

‘The Internet, Social Networks and Civic Engagement in Chinese Societies’.

Chinese Journal of Communication

‘Journalism Awards as a Site of Contention in the Field of Journalism’.

Communication: South African Journal for Communication Theory and Research

‘Media, citizenship and the politics of belonging in contemporary South Africa’.

Visual Communication Quarterly

Domestic Digital Images in a Globally Networked Era.

Popular Communication

Race, Ethnicity, and Cultural Production.

Journal of Popular Film and Television Special Issue

‘Teaching Popular Film and Television: Critical Media Literacy and Narratives in (Teacher) Education’ is the topic of a special issue now available online from the Journal of Popular Film & Television. Read the table of contents here.

The International Journal on Media Management Special Issue

‘The Management and Financing of Public Service Media’ is the newest special issue from The International Journal on Media Management. Read the table of contents here.

Free Access

15 Years of Media Psychology

Media Psychology is celebrating its 15th Birthday with 15 free articles. Chosen by the editors and pulled right from the latest issues, take a look at the collection here..

Broadcast Education Association Journals Article Collection

Now available for download, 12 free articles from Journal of Broadcasting and Electronic Media and Journal of Radio and Audio Media. This Free Access Article Collection focuses on the topic of the internet and internet research. Browse this collection here..

What’s Trending in Media, Cultural and Communication Studies?

Browse a selection of the latest, most popular research in Routledge media, cultural and communication studies journals for free online.Browse this collection here.

Social Media Article Collection

The Social Media Article Collection offers FREE ACCESS to 50+ compelling articles on social media and its societal impact. Check it out today.

NCA Journals – Free Access

Routledge are proud to publish the 11 National Communication Association journals. Explore all of the NCA titles with 14 days’ free access to the last 2 volumes. Simply sign in or register at: www.tandfonline.com/r/NCAJournals.

Free Online Access for 7 Days

Take a look at the Routledge portfolio of Communication Studies Journals with 7 days’ FREE access to the last 3 volumes. Simply sign in/register.

More Announcements and Offers

Russian Journal of Communication: Free access to the new issue

The first issue of Russian Journal of Communication to be published by Routledge is now online! To explore the issue for free for 30 days sign in/register here.

American Journalism: Now Available Online

The first issue of American Journalism published by Routledge is now available online. Visit the journal to find out more.

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